Kebab gali, Malviya Nagar

Kebab gali is a recently opened kebab shop in the Corner Market at Malviya Nagar. With a lot of dining in options in this area you are spoilt for choice. And had I not heard about this place from friends I would have certainly missed a good dining experience.

The place is air-conditioned (much needed in this heat) with seating space for over 30 people. They also have catering services and so the chef is always busy at work. As it happened they were heading out for one such occasion but I was lucky I dropped in at the right time and got great service nonetheless.


Get Set Gobble:

~ Drinks – With the heat picking up in Delhi I entered the restaurant and was immediately offered to be served an Aam panna. Thank you as it was much needed. I also sipped on their Jal jeera and preferred it more. It’s really important to keep yourself well hydrated what with the excessive heat we are bound to experience. It was served in cute little glass bottle with straw and carried out in a tray that reminds you of milk bottles from the Tom & Jerry series. That was fun!

~ Dahi ke kebab – Super crispy on the outside and super soft on the inside made for some interesting texture combination. MUST TRY

~ Tandoori chicken momos – I haven’t had the chance to try this Indianised verion of momos. Somehow I have always stuck to the comfort of eating the steamed version. This was certainly interesting with a spice cover on the momos that kind of remind you of eating tandoori chicken with every bite. Quite interesting. MUST TRY

~ Vegetarian & Mutton galouti kebab – The kebabs were huge in size and came served on quarter cut portions of ulta tawa paranthas.

~ Paneer tikka – One of the best paneer tikkas I have eaten recently. I do like when the pieces of paneer are slightly smaller as they help to get more coating of the marinade. Soft and slightly spiced, I really liked these. MUST TRY

~ Chicken tikka – Served on a cool thela these tikkas were quite delicious and appropriately spiced.

~ Shikampuri kebab – One of the best veg kebabs I have tasted would have to be this one. It was something very new for me where the server explained that this would be minced hara bhara kebab with a cheese stuffing. Sounds interesting right? But we were in for some great taste as well as these deep fried kebabs has some little sprinkling of lightly toasted sesame that just enhanced the flavor in every bite. MUST TRY

~ Mushroom kebab -This came served on top of a spade. It had a good blend of spiced and topped with some fresh herbs. MUST TRY if you are a mushroom lover.

~ Mutton seekh kebab – Super juicy and well spiced I loved thesea lot. So much so that I managed to eat up half a plate myself. Trust me..that is a real feat for me! MUST TRY

~ Dal Makhani – This came served in a little balti and generously topped with some makhan. The texture was thick and was spiced well.

~ Laziz murg handi – I simply loved this chicken main. The meat was cooked perfectly and just fell of the bone. The gravy in itself had so much flavor. MUST TRYIMG_3676

~ Mutton nihari – This was again a brilliant main where the mutton had been prepared with care to allow it to melt in your mouth as you ate it. I was skeptical at first as it’s difficult to get mutton cooked correctly as most times it ends up chewy. I thoroughly enjoyed this.  MUST TRYIMG_3683

~ Paneer tikka masala – This had an amazing gravy. It had a semi thick texture of spiced onions, tomatoes and garlic with a little spice kick. MUST TRYIMG_3667

~ Veg & Chicken biryani – The biryanis came served in an earthen handi wrapped in a bright cloth. The lid had been sealed shut with some atta and this process really helps trap all the flavours and aromas, only to be released as they are unsealed on the table in front of you. The rice was long grained and light to eat. If you prefer your biryani to be spicy, pls let the server know so that the chef can prepare it as per your palette.

~ Breads – I tried a selection of breads from Lachha parantha (loved it), Butter naan and Aloo stuffed kulcha (it was soft and had a generous amount of filling).

~ Shahi tukda – This is a decadent preparation of bread and cream to put it simply. But the dish is far from simple. It is loaded with richness.

~ Cheeni parantha – This came as a lachha preparation with sugar and loaded with malai. However I felt this was more savoury than sweet.

~ Gulab jamun – Served piping hot these were quite a delicious end to a good meal.IMG_3657


Go for:

Good portions – The portions I tried was just a quarter of their full serving. Value for money. Quick service (since they had a catering scheduled for the day they apologized to us for the slow service. The food we ordered was on the table within 10-15 minutes every time, so I wonder how fast it is on a regular day!!)IMG_3668

Kebab Gali Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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