Teddy Boy, Connaught Place

The Teddy boy was a British phenomenon with men dressing up in a swanky style with long pants, tailored zoot suits and greased back hair. If all this sounds exciting to you, are you in for some fun! Located in CP this place screams old school class. Ohh my God that rock and roll era!IMG_3609

Decked with wooden interiors and cosy couches the ambience gets you back to that fun era. They have a seating downstairs that’s coloured in deep tones of sepia from the furniture to the lighting to the mood. Also they have two sections of seating upstairs on the terrace that gives you one of the best terrace views of CP. I liked the oversized comfy couches and the rock and roll music playing in the background. As it happened with me, I saw it happen to many others across my table; the combination of biting into some delicious culinary creations and that charming music made us all jive with happiness!

Their secret weapon (well not so secret anymore) is celebrity Chef Doyel from the Masterchef India fame. Bengalis are excellent cooks; having lived in Kolkata for over 8 years I am pretty much sure of this fact. Another thing I’m very sure of is that they are geniuses when it comes to seafood and her prawn preparations sang to her glory. I simply love the touch she has on the menu and as I got chatting with her, I made sure to make a mental note of all the dishes she suggested I try out. As they say, When in Rome, do what Romans do’. So I did and was I glad. I was not disappointed by what this place has to offer and finally I can add one spot on my to-go-back-again-and-again list! 😛IMG_3261


Get Set Gobble:

~ Life at the bar – I was deeply enchanted with their ‘thaili’ presentation of drinks and frankly it was quite fun. I tried a couple of drinks, one with a gin and cranberry and the other was a coconut and passion fruit mix. Lovely! Another drink I enjoyed at the servers recommendation was the Sunset (combination of vodka, chocolate, orange and vanilla). MUST TRY. Also tried their Moscow Mule (vodka, beer, ginger ale and lime). If you are a fan of boozy cockatils be sure to try this. DO TRY. Do give their banta bar a try – Narangi Anar was quite nice. Also tried their Strawberry and Oreo shake but wasn’t the best i have tasted.

~ Roasted papad – With our drinks we choose to eat some masala topped roasted papads from the Chakna Aisle of the menu.IMG_3594

~ Potato Skin Chaat – Deep fried potato skins with an Indian touch. This chaat is a treat for vegetarians. Such an innovative way to crunch on some potato fries. DO TRYIMG_3540

~ Teddy Fiery Prawns – Fried prawns tossed in schezwan sauce. They are crunchy, crispy, spicy hot prawns served on a cold salad. Highly recommended. MUST ORDER


~ Palak Patta Chaat – Deep fried spinach leaves with a chatpata topping. These were great in flavor but a bit oily though.

~ Prawn and bacon tikka – Prawn wrapped bacon. I don’t think this needs any more explanation! DO TRY

~ Tortilla bruschetta – Nachos topped with chicken and chocolate shavings. Need I say more? Awesome small bites. DO TRYIMG_3601

~ Kasundi skeweres – Skewers of chicken marinated in mustard is so typically Bengali. The hint of mustard was very minimal (I myself am not a fan of the big hit of mustard but love it in small doses). Loved the dip it was served with.

~ Chandi Paneer Soola – Paneer kebabs stuffed with thie in-house chutney. Soft and moist. DO TRY

~ Teddy Boy’s Chicken On Fire – This was chicken served with rum flambéed however i felt the alcohol content was on the stronger side.IMG_3590

~ Salt pepper Corn-tini – Their preparation of this most basic and most loved stir fried corn with salt and pepper. Loved it! MUST TRYIMG_3599

~ Mutton Tikka Slider – Mini mutton burgers. These are great for quick bites but I felt the patty was slightly dry.IMG_3553

~ Juicy mutton momos – Juicy is right! The momos were incredible. And the bowl of soup it was served with was my absolute favourite. No matter the drinks or beers in hand, I just loved sipping down this hot concoction. MUST ORDER

~ Kulcha tacos – This was a fun choice where two kulchas came stuffed with Chicken tikka masala on a Rickshaw stand. It was spicy and flavourful. The vegetarian option was the Crunchy mix veg that sort of felt like a high street version of the street side dish of matra kulcha. Quit yumm. I enjoyed both versions. MUST TRY

~ Flat bread – Spicy grilled chicken with onion and pepper. As the name suggest these are flat breads and not your traditional thin crust pizzas.IMG_3589

~ Malai Chingri – Chef Doyles version of a Kolkata classic, this is a must try dish! As our taste buds kick off with the uniqueness of its presentation, you are in for a culinary treat with this thick coconut flavoured prawn curry served alongwith long grained beetroot rice. The slightly sweet and spicy flavor of the curry goes amazingly well with the red rice. Amazing! MUST ORDER

~ Thai Veg Biryani – This is a fragrant rice preparation and you can taste an outstanding lemongrass flavor in each bite. What a unique new dish I got to try. I loved it! It’s served with a coconut and lemongrass salan but I didn’t enjoy that much. MUST TRY

~ Couscous with Chicken Marbella – Grilled chicken leg served with pineapple flavoured couscous. Though I could not taste the subtleties in flavor the dish promised, it was still a great tasting dish. DO TRY

~ Ferrero Rocher Golgappa – What a great item for dessert combining two of our loves – chocolate and golgappas. They came filled with a chocolate crumble and served with a chocolate cream in shot glasses. I was only too happy to fill my puchka up and gobble it! MUST TRYIMG_3538


Go for:

Excellent prawn preperations. That rock and roll music. Boozy drinks. Relaxed seating. Awesome food. Innovative drinks. One of the best roof tops views of CP.


There are simply too many dishes on the menu that catch the eye. The above are the culmination of many visits to the restaurant as I can’t keep myself from getting back there again and again to keep trying something new.

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