{N}iche, Connaught Place

Located in the outer circle in Connaught place, Niche Lounge and Bistro is a  super swanky place. It has some classy interiors with a glass roof dining area and not one, but two wooden balconies giving you access to two beautiful views of Connaught Place.


They have a stage for live performances and tables with plush couches for seating provide a comfortable dining experience. The have unique quotes placed on each table that just got me so intrigued..and each one was a lovely saying!

The place has a very modern setting that resonates not only visually but also through their food. Definitely a place on many wish lists!

Describing food is not as easy as it seems. In how many words can you express that the food being served is beautiful and tasty. In short this is an experience for sophisticated palettes and lets you indulge in international fine dining right in the centre of Delhi.

Get Set Gobble:

~ Life at the bar: Bird in the hand is a beautiful concept for a cocktail with enhanced smokey flavours. The presentation is so unique with a corked glass tube filled up with this concoction and served in a bowl of crushed ice decorated with colourful flowers. What a beauty!  Daisy is a concoction of chamomile infused tequila with honey, egg whites and grapefruit bitters. I specially loved the presentation where they give you some extra drink in a perfume bottle..super cute! Dillinger would have to be my favourite hands down! With a light infusion of dill in vodka with bay leaf, citrus and grapefruit bitters served in a glass filled with crushed ice, this drink is a perfect summer time sipper. MUST ORDER. The Cosmopolitan here is made with fresh grapefruit juice rather than the usual cranberry, so it was a worth a try. The True Blood mocktail definitely lived up to its name with this deep red beetroot and orange concoction.


~ Salads – Both the Watermelon salad (served with feta mousse, pumpkin seeds and watercress) and the Beet & Goat cheese salad (varying textures of beet served with micro herbs and rocket) were plated beautifully and looked like art on a plate. But unfortunately they didn’t work for my palette. The Duck salad (with poached pears and micro greens) was surprisingly good. Duck usually has the bad name of being too hard but this had been cooked to yummy perfection.IMG_1649IMG_1645

~ Vegetarian AppetizersKathal Tacos were served as two tacos on a platter with salsa and kasundhi sour cream. What a surprising dish..I was equally surprised as took a bite out of it apprehensively, but after that all I could think was about the burst of flavor in my mouth. Slightly sweet and juicy, frankly I couldn’t tell that the filling wasn’t the traditional lamb one. Where were these recipes when my mom was looking for ways to stuff veggies down my throat ;-P MUST ORDER. I did try the Cigar Borek but did not enjoy them as much. Though the filo pastry was super crisp and flaky, the filling wasn’t enough or seasoned to my liking. I especially enjoyed the French onion soup with its sweet base flavor of caramelized onions. And what topped it for me were the super crisp deep fried onion rings..amazing! DO TRY.


~ Non vegetarian AppetizersMalabar Prawns (with a coconut gravy, toasted seasame wafers and capers kuchumber) were soooo amazing. These were cooked to perfection and I simply loved the fact that the prawns were bigger in size than my thumb..thank you! Though the only let down was that they served only two pieces on a plate. So sorry, I pull the plate closely to my side and no sharing! MUST ORDER. Chicken Arancini (with beetroot syrup, Parmesan chips and kale crisps) was a complete miss as I couldn’t taste any chicken or any flavor in the dish. The Pappu chicken was a decadent preparation with gooey chicken legs. They were quite appetizing.IMG_1664IMG_1656IMG_1661

~ Vegetarian Mains – The Haari saag was a welcome surprise. I thoroughly enjoyed this preparation served with a little bit of jaggery. DO TRY. The  Smoked Mushroom risotto didn’t follow the pattern of its beautiful friends on the table but what it lacked in looks, it made up for it in terms of taste. Loved the flavor of mushrooms and cheese running through it. Spinach and corn fettuccine didn’t really work for me as I don’t like chunks of sweet corn in my food and felt it lacked some seasoning as well.IMG_1627

~ Non vegetarian MainsLamb Shanks (with Rogan josh gravy) were brilliant but I would have certainly like them to be slightly ore tender to fall off the bone. 62 Degree chicken breast didn’t work for me as I found the chicken a bit too hard though others around me didn’t mind it as much. Confit halibut (coconut scented shellfish bisque reduction) was a great dish but beware, this is for serious seafood lovers as it has quite a fishy smell about it since it’s been cooked in its own fat. It was really tender and flaky and loved the gravy it came with.IMG_1623IMG_1631

~ DessertCheesecake brilliance was reflected on the plate. With varying textures of soft cheesecake o cold smooth sorbet, this really was the amalgamation of all things {niche}. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Go for:

Classy interiors. Easy service. Signature cocktails. Gourmet food.

Tips & Tricks:

Catch the TV screens for their own beautifully made video showing the effort that goes into plating and creating all things {niche}. Portions per plate are small so they are not really great for sharing. Their best dishes and drinks are a bit pricey so make sure your wallet is well stacked 😛


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