Unplugged Courtyard, Connaught Place

Who doesn’t enjoy a garden café..? Or maybe a nice relaxing meal at an open air roof top cafe..? Weather’s too hot? Let’s go someplace and chill on comfy couches in the marvel that is air-conditioning! No you don’t need to loiter around for choices as one place gives you the benefit of all three options in one. So the place that fits the bill is Unplugged Courtyard in Connaught Place.

As you open those giant wooden gates to walk into the restaurant, you are welcomed into a dimly lit lounge with large comfy couches and round tables. This area is perfect to catch up in groups or watch a match on TV. And what’s the best thing, you are closest to the bar! Stepping out outside you are taken into the world of a quirky nature-centric café with large shade trees, funky printed chairs or tree barks for tables and stools. Walk up a flight of stairs and you are in for some swanky roof top seating with a bar and live barbecue.

I am quite amazed at all this place has to offer. Well for a moment one would almost forget that we are in CP. With having to walk up long stair cases to get to indoor restaurants having only a tiny rooftop area, this joint with ample open area blows your mind. What a lovely change from the tiny roomed cafes!

Their courtyard has a beautiful tall neem tree in the garden that has the rest of the area designed around it and aptly named ‘chaupal’. They have a vintage scooter that is definitely a selfie spot for many people..everything is so colourful, vibrant and picturesque so yes, I did indulge in a couple of clicks myself 😛

They have an extensive menu of drinks and food and you can tend to get a little lost with what all try out. The servers are quite knowledgeable so pick their brains on recommendations from the menu. I did..and boy was I glad with it!


Get Set Gobble:

~ Life at the bar – If you love to begin your food journey at the bar, you will not be disappointed. They have a huge selection of signature cocktails and mocktails that are tempting to try. I did enjoy a fare share of their drinks from Giordano, Gulistaan, UNC 3rd degree, Virgin mojito, Classic oreo shale, Ginger sour, Hoegaarden beer, Strawberry and kiwi slush, Oriental bloom, My sweet babe, Apple Crumble Shake to Fresh and bubbly which was a wine cocktail that was quite lovely and refreshing and also my personal favourite. Their mocktails did not disappoint with their tangy, punchy and fresh juice flavours. All the drinks are served in out of the box presentation that keeps it interesting through the meal.

~ Dynamite prawns – Failed to impress me. Deep fired batter prawns were coated in a mix of spices but somehow they lacked that punch of flavour. Also my serving of prawns were a bit chewy, probably over fired. The presentation was unique as they came inside red detonators marked with ‘Danger’ in a bold font.

~ Ganna chicken – Oh my god! No words can describe how mind blowing these were. All you meat lovers out there just have to go try it out. There are definitely a star item on the menu. It’s well seasoned and juicy and tender and simply foodgasmic..MUST ORDER!!

~ Chilli paneer ghosla – Chilli paneer was spooned into crispy fried ‘katoris’ of noodles topped with cheese. Are you still looking for a reason to try out this innovation?

~ Vegetarian Mexican burritos – This is a great option for vegetarians. Filled with a black bean or ‘rajma‘ mixture they were good but not memorable.

~ Cheese croquettes – Totally loaded with melted cheese, the vegetarians and non vegetarians will both enjoy this cheesy snack. The dip came ina syringe! I love how the food keeps you constantly involved 🙂IMG_1228

~ Non vegetarian kebab Platter – As you can see this platter is loaded! With different options to try out my main highlight for this would be that it had the lip-smacking ganna chicken. Amazing!

~ Mezze Platter – This vegetarian option did not succeed in wowing me. Though the flavours were good it again wasn’t a memorable dish for me.


~ Mutton & Vegetarian galouti – These were tiny cutlets of minced meat served on top of cutely cut circular paranthas. Pick ‘em, dip ‘em, eat ‘em. Boy..its a riot in your mouth of flavours and textures. I just loved the brown gravy served in a shot glass. It essentially brought the whole dish together. The vegetarian option came with a shot glass of green mint chutney. Amazing!

~ Dimsums – The vegetarian dimsums are filled with maggi. I am not a maggi lover so i had to give it a pass. The non vegetarian Tandoori chicken ones have a good, slightly spicy filling. It is served with 2 dips. I did enjoy them, specially with the onion dip.

~Amritsari chilli machhi chips – Super crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, that’s the perfect combination for fried fish and they seemed to have gotten it right.

~ Chicken Tikka – This was a great presentation. But frankly when you have such innovative dishes on your table, these sort of loose the limelight.IMG_1235

~ Ande ka funda – What a marvelous dish this was! With uniqueness in terms of presentation where the chicken salad was served in egg shaped containers with the topping of a yellow dressing in the form of an egg yolk on top. The dish was deceptive and inventive. I did enjoy these salad shots a lot!

~ Thin Crust Pizza – The Masarita pizza was well topped. My mouth was on fire when I had this. For all you spice lovers out there..you must try it! The vegetarian option was good as well as we went for the basic cheese and basil option.IMG_1223

~ Kuaa dhuaa – What a great main course dish served steaming inside a ‘kuan‘. The gravy is meaty and chunky and the mutton simply melted off the bone. Excellent cooking and a must order dish! DO TRY THIS!!

~ Aam aadmi Chicken – What a unique style of presentation. This chicken preparation came packed in a dabba, wrapped in a red cotton fabric, hung like a potli on a stick. The server carried the stick on his shoulder and rang a bell while walking in. What an entry! Certainly got a lot of heads turning and made the crowd curious.

~ Palak Paneer – Came on top of a spade. What fun! Loaded with greens, garnished with cream and oozing with oil, this dish isn’t for those with a light heart.  😉


~ Traphalgarh Chicken curry – The gravy of this dish is excellent. Full of flavour. But the chicken wasn’t as impressive as their mutton preparation.

~ Veg Registaani biryani – Each grain of rice shone brilliantly in the sun. A good texture of the rice and nice spicy flavours across the dish.IMG_9665

~ Brownie ke pakorey – The dish sounded really unique but personally I felt that the flavour of the brownies was lost in the deep fried batter. The whipped cream was more delicious in itself. I was very glad that the staff was particular enough to record our comments to share and act on for the future. Hats off! Only when you accept your weaknesses can you more forward to success. Unplugged courtyard is definitely heading on the right track.IMG_1167

~ Lollies antigrill – This is the most fun dessert I have ever eaten. The waiter walks in with a tray carrying two cold plates cooled by liquid nitrogen underneath and bottles of syrups – kiwi, strawberry and chocolate. He then goes on to drizzle small circles of this goodness onto the plate for it to solidify into a lollie. Well friends there is a lot of technique involved and the lollie must be flipped just in time along with the stick being added at the correct moment. The server was kind enough to give us these beginner tips and then complete freedom to create  what we wanted. The result was an array of awkward looking shapes 😛 This is a hands on dessert so its great to get groups involved together or maybe help break the ice between a couple on their first date. Its excellent to get us engaged with our meal giving us a more unique experience. I remember I could see all smiles around the table as we showed off our creations to each other.


Go for:

Amazing outdoor seating. Quirky interiors. Unique presentation. Fancy impress your girl/guy kind of dates. Catch the sun in the garden. Romantic vibes perfect for date night. Great time. Extensive alcohol menu. Engaging meals.

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