Echoes, Satya Niketan

Located in the heart of Satya Niketan, Echoes is a place that truly resonates with its name. If you were wondering what was unique about the place it is probably the fact that the serves here are differently abled. The real credit goes to the guys behind the scene for coming up with such a worthy concept.

It is very easy to get distracted in today’s world. Lost in the hustle bustle of everyday mundane activities we tend to lose focus on the bigger things in life. We are so used to seeing the world through our compact lenses that we get lost in our own needs, wants and desires. No matter how much we have, the advantages and blessings we are bestowed with, they still don’t seem enough and we still continue to yearn for more. Yet on the other end of the spectrum are people who are doing a commendable job given all the hurdles in their lives, and more so, they do it with a big smile on their face. It is no wonder that this café is gaining more and more popularity everyday!

This quaint little café is staffed by differently abled people – they are unable to hear or speak. With home style food for the soul it is great spot to hang out with friends over some fun conversations. Like other employees, differently abled people are able to bring many a range of talents and skills to the workplace to their advantage. They are dedicated workers and humble as well.

The walls have some great quotes and the place is done up with a simple tastefulness. There are also signs mentioned for each letter of the alphabet and it’s great to walk away having memorized a few.

So getting your way around is pretty simple. They have a switch at the back connected to light bulbs that lights up when you  ring to have one of the servers at your table. The server hands you a notepad to put down your order on them – mark down the dish, quantity and any special comments you have. Incase you need anything like fork, spoon, your bill, etc. there are flash cards on the table to assist in getting quicker service. I think it’s a very nice system.

Get Set Gobble:

~ Shaking my baby – Tried a bunch of like Silk, Strawberry and Butter scotch with Choco death being my favourite. It was thick and loaded with chocolate brownies.

~ Mocktail menu – I sipped a few of these like No wine Sangria (little too sweet), XXX on the beach, Lemon Ice tea (fell a little short on being lemony), Fizzy strawberry (has a slight aftertaste of the fizz) and Mix lemonade (my favourtie as it was the perfect combination of sweet and sour).

~ Mac n cheese balls – I personally really enjoyed these. They were crispy and cheesy though the salsa served on top made them a bit cold. Dip was really good.IMG_0972

~ Cheesy mushroom cigars – This is a win-win for mushroom lovers! Super crispy, lots of mushrooms in the filling and slightly spicy it served with an amazing dip.IMG_0969

~ Lemon Garlic chicken – Great flavours. Though their chicken was slightly undercooked. The owner was nice enough to consider this and take it into account.


~ Oriental Chicken with wine – Highly recommended dish for spice lovers. The saucy coating is filled with a bang. Super yumm! But mind the spice kick – you have been warned.


~ Mexican Cowboy Cone pizza – What an innovative way of presenting a pizza. I really enjoyed the crispy preparation filled with corn and oozing cheese.


~ Mexican Cowboy chicken pizza – Topped with nachos and chicken this was quite a unique pizza. They could work on improving their pizza base as it was somewhat thick.


~ Paneer Makhani pizza – Amazing flavor of the makhani curry ran through the pizza as the base sauce. It was slightly spicy.


~ Cream cheese pasta – I loved this preparation. The sauce was lip smacking and the pasta cooked perfectly. I mopped up as much of the creamy sauce with their crispy garlic bread as I could.


~ Schezwan pasta – I know so many of my friends that are ardent Chinese food lovers. Me being an Italian lover, we end up quibbling so many times over what to eat. I think I just found the perfect solution. This dish is is a great combination of schezwan sauce with veggies and pasta.


~ Pina Chikolada – A well marinated piece of chicken served on a bed of rice with a lip smacking sauce. Must try!

~ Black and white waffle – The waffles were served with loads of chocolate sauce and a scoop of ice-cream. However I would prefer is they were cooked to a crispier texture.


~ Tutti Fruity sundae – Served in small chai glasses this is a great individual dessert packed with fruits and ice cream. As a fruit lover I really enjoyed it. It was truly refreshing after the meal.


Overall it is a commendable effort. We tend to do many things for ourselves so how about once we do something to help others. The least we should do is go applaud their effort by dining-in here.


Go for:

Home style food. Awesome shakes. Cozy atmosphere. Chill hangout spot. Good music.

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