Farzi Cafe, Connaught Place

India is a land dominated by culture and tradition and we are born eating and appreciating ‘ma ke haath ka khanna’. Eating out for most of us meant a special occasion where we were celebrating something worthwhile enough to give our mums a break from sweating over the stove. But slowly our tastes and styles have begun to expand and so has the concept of dining at restaurants. Eating out now has a new definition and the place to experience it is Farzi Cafe.

Located up two flights of stairs or up through a swanky elevator we are welcomed into a quaint restaurant lobby. With seats by the bar, individual dining areas or the covered balcony outside the place is buzzing with activity, loud conversations and the aroma of good food..well essentially all things home!

IMG_0255What separated Farzi from any other restaurant though is their food innovation. Building on our childhood memories of food, they mix the modern and contemporary to co-exist beautifully on each dish served.

Now a day’s young food aficionados, having grown up with unlimited access to the western culture through internet, movies and TV are yearning for more and more. The food industry has been able to keep up with the pace by giving us innovative cuisines and a lot of international culture is now available at our corner side restaurant. In this outburst of western cuisines it is very easy to get side tracked and loose focus of our roots. Farzi uses modern techniques and ingredients without compromising on tradition to give us their take on progressive Indian cuisine.

It would be unfair to describe each item on their menu and give away the charm of seeing the innovation you have ordered yourself. I would therefore like to keep this short, but exciting enough so that you are tantalized to go and try these dishes out for yourself. Well if I would have my way I would not have shared the images either but then in the food industry it really is difficult to tell a story without picture these days.

The beauty about their food is the fact that you are eating something so familiar but yet astonishingly so different looking. Playing on these tricks their menu is a varied selection of such interesting combinations of old and new. Some items that caught my attention were the following, so get set to gobble:

~ The culinary journey begins with an amuse bouche of Mishti doi with strawberry. This first item sets the tone of what is to follow in the meal with bite sized shots of sweet dahi served on a wooden bed oozing with theatrical effects of a white fog.


~ Life at the bar – I tried the Green mint royal, Farzi apple foamintini, Whiskey sour, Three musketeer, Vodka curry Mango Chutney foam, Bang Bang, Monkey sour, Chai pani and Santa bunta. Their selection of drinks is quite varied and not giving in to easy preparations, they have tried to keep a touch of innovation in these concoctions as well.  Be it the touch of an extra ingredient in the recipe or serving method or some theatrics added to it, they have stretched out of their comfort zone to give us new experiences.

~ Dal Chawal Arancini – These unique crispy preparations came as a small deep fried balls topped with a roasted papad.


~ Rajasthani Pyaz ki kachori with masala kathal and aloo rassa reduction – So this looked like Bombay bhel but obviously it wasn’t. The base were the kachoris with sev like toppings.

~ Tandoori Margarita kulcha with bloody mary ketchup – Served in bamboo baskets the pizzas are stuffed with oozing cheese. Beware the cheese it hot so hold back your cravings and give it a moment to cool before biting into it.IMG_0275

~ Green curry marinated Paneer tikka with sambal mayo – This is served on a tiny barbeque itself.


~ Braised lamb boti Tacos with fried garlic and pepper cream – Amazing combination of tacos with this tender spicy meat topping and crispy wafers.IMG_0274

~ Chilli duck Samosas with Plum chutney – Who knew samosas could be so yum. Filled with just perfectly cooked duck and covered in a glaze they are a mouthful of banging flavours.


~ Braised lamb chops with marsh wangan korma glaze and veg grits – Amazing looking and tasted just as well.


~ Amritsari fish & Chips in desi ghee with hollandaise – Crispy fried fish served with potato wafers.IMG_0247

~ Chilli Pork ribs – Lamb chops stand proud with a shiny spice filled glaze. The meat just comes off the bone tenderly.


~ FFC Farzi Fried chicken with smoked BBQ cream – A truck-full of crispy fried chicken. Eat it with the dip else it’s a bit dry otherwise.


~ MAC & Cheese Pakora bites – These pakoras pull in on a rickshaw. Crispy and perfectly fried.IMG_0271

~ Hand pulled rogan josh with daikon and mint buns, butter chicken bun with green chilli mayo and chilli chicken bun – Just divine. Their mutton preperations is one of their strong suits so make sure you give them a try.

~ Malaya prawns with pan fried Sri Lankan hoppers – A frothy preparation, these prawns have a lot of freshness to them.


~ Chorizo and scallion Paddu Yaki with smoked tomato kut  and parmesan applam – Not the most favourite dish of the day. The chorizo was a bit hard and chewy. I have had a bad experience with chorizo at their Cyber Hub outlet as well. Personally I would suggest to avoid this meat.IMG_0236

~ Prawn Chettinad with curry leaf fried rice – Great preparation with fried prawns served on a bed of rice along with garnishing of fried applamas.


~ Slow cooked desi lamb shanks with desi ghee nehari and golden onion – They are bang on in the cooking of the mutton and it is extremely tender in every bite.IMG_0244

~ Dessert selection – Be it reminiscing over biscuits and malai through their Parle G cheesecake or the kesar pista flavor in their Ras Malai Tres Leches, their desserts invoke a precious childhood feeling with a constant play on flavours, textures and memories.

~ Baileys Lollipop – Served on a modern art tree, these lollipops are not too heavy on the baileys.IMG_0232

~ Dirt pile – Who knew dirt could be this much fun! Aptly named, this dish is chocolate crumble served in a big pot with a spade. It has various goodies inside like fresh berries and chocolate pieces. Topped with a dish full of gooey liquid chocolate it’s a fun messy dish and a treat visually as well.


~ Milky way – This is and exciting dish to order for the presentation. Various sweet preperations served on plateer act as various planets. The chef comes to the table to top some rabri with a little bit of theatrics.


~ Fresh fruit and dark chocolate Panjiri Tart – The tart ois crisp and filled with loads of chocolate. It is served with a kettle of liquid chocolate to be poured on top before being eaten.


With every restaurant trying to stand out from the other, restaurants are doing a remarkable job of preserving the legacy of Indian food while pushing the boundaries to give us innovative food experiences. This new breed of chefs aim to make a huge impact with their impactful flavours and mind blowing presentations. When food is a unique combination of whimsical and wonderful it is difficult to not be tempted to return to try the items on their menu again and again. But do keep in mind that their serving sizes per dish are fit for a group of 2-4 people so order accordingly.

I have visited their restaurant at Cyber Hub and they have maintained their true essence across both outlets.


Go for:

Good service. Easy on the eyes servers ;-P Whimsical presentation. Innovation. Special occasion meals and celebrations.


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