Ardor, Connaught Place

IMG_0114Ardor is located up a flight of stairs that humbly get you back to the mathematical genius you were as kid by letting you recite tables climbing up each stair. How fun! Thank God I was an ace at maths ;-P How many did you get right?!

They have a beautiful ‘blue’ themed décor with quirky printed chairs making up cozy eating spots on the first floor. It’s a perfect place for family dining. Another flight up and you enter a swanky lounge with couches and a DJ dance floor. They also have an outdoor seating section that overlooks the hustle bustle of Connaught Place..quite nice!

Get Set Gobble:

Life at the bar is always good but what Ardor impressed me with is their mocktails. Boy, are you non-alcohol- drinkers in for a real treat. What blew my mind away was their Baby Bellini. I highly recommend you try the flavours and be the judge of it yourself. The base flavor of guava was just mind blowing and was really refreshing after a long day of work. The caprioska wasn’t too spiked and I always like it when people appreciate that women do prefer to enjoy their drinks in slow sips. Their virgin mojito also had a good balance of sweetness which is quite hard to find as I prefer my drink on the tangier side. I mean it’s a drink, not a dessert! Their chocolate shake wasn’t as impressive though.

They have an array of amazing starters on their menu. I highly recommend trying the Gazab ka seena which are pieces of Afghani chicken served with a flavouful stuffing. It was quite delicious! Kache kele aur rajma ki tikki was a unique preparation though they were a bit dry.


They do have pizzas as well and I tried the Vegetarian option but I did not feel the crust was thin enough for my taste.


I also tried their Salt & Pepper preparation in two avatars, vegetarian and prawn.  They were cooked to crispy perfection with stir fried vegetables served on a lettuce leaf bed. The prawns though, were slightly on the saltier side.

Haryali Paneer Tikka was well marinated. I have mentioned it again and again every time I eat these tikkas that larger chunks tend to get less coating of the marinade and hence get a bit bland as you reach the centre. Overall the paneer was moist and fresh which is always a good sign!IMG_0125

Their mains are quite good and I managed to get my hands on their keema matar, matar paneer, Lazeez Murgh Makhani, Daal Ardour, Paneer Lababdaar and Ardor Jack Daniel chicken. The dal is quite special here as it is prepared Dum style which involves slow cooking for the flavours to get concentrated and giving you more magic in every bite. The Ador chicken was extremely good. With a rich gravy and tender chicken I mopped it off my plate with crispy naans.

Subz Dum Biryani & Mutton Dum biryani were great preparations that ntered a bit late on our table. Even though I was full on all the gravies I had eaten before, I still managed to eat spoonfuls of the mutton biryani. The pieces were well cooked and tender. This was also served in large ‘matkas’ that just adds sort of a slow cooked charm to the dish.


Walnut Brownie was good but a little dry. Well that was easily solved as I mopped it up with a spoon of vanilla ice-cream. Their kulfis are served in the ‘matka’ or on the ‘tilla’. I preferred the stick version as there is something about the challenge to eat it up before it melts that is a bit exciting for me 🙂 Their dessert selection is a bit limited and I wish they can expand it some more.


Go for:

Great lounge area. Perfect place for school/college parties. Great deals for large party groups. Awesome mocktails. Exciting appetizers. Buzzing music. Good hookas. Quick service.

Tips & Tricks:

I think its the Indian dishes that are their strong suit so stick to trying those from the menu and you will end up with a happy meal.  They have various events happening every night from Qawwaalli singers to karaoke to Ladies night so do check up in advance and plan your night accordingly.

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