The Groghead, Green Park

IMG_9670The Groghead is a great place located on the second floor of the Hyundai building and is barely 5 minute walk from the Green Park Metro Station. It is hard to miss with its name in huge catchy font above a large glass window overlooking the main green park road.

They have a great space located on the second floor, dimly lit with wooden dining tables to couches and a walk up another flight of stairs gets you to the most beautiful rooftop ever. The décor is hip and swanky and cool quotes get the mood building with ‘Beer is always a good idea’…Sure is!

Get Set Gobble:

~ Life at the bar – The Groghead boasts of a beautiful bar which is well stocked and educated bartenders. They mixed up some great cocktails that brought the place alive after a sip! Mocktails like Melonella, Evershine (a twist on the mojito) and Health inspector got great approvals from the crowd. Of the cocktails, crowd pleasers were Naughty Babaji (which was my personal favourite for the night), The Capitalist (if you are a whisky lover, you must try this!), Paan-tini (well if you have an acquired pan taste, go for it..), Dizzy Flamenco (who wouldn’t benefit from a little tequila ;-P). Overall this place has some great drinks up its sleeve. The bartender did a good job trying to keep up with the crazy demands which just goes to show how good the drinks were..


~ Twistizza – What a hit! Breadsticks served in little shot glasses filled with three dips – cherry tomato, garlic aioli and pesto. My personal favourite would be the pesto (lucky to find this preparation that wasn’t overpowering or pungent).IMG_9689

~ Shrimp Shooters – Need I say more?! Shrimp and shots..can’t go wrong with this. The prawns were beautifully fried to a crispy golden brown and served with shot glasses full of Sriracha dip. I think I ended up taking a couple of shots and was as high on flavour as I could be 😉IMG_9690

~ BBQ Chicken Spears – I think they have great shot glass recipes and these BBQ spears followed rightly in the suit of their predecessors. Chicken was presented on tiny skewers that had been grilled with a lovely marinade and served with BBQ ranch dip.IMG_9691

~ Arancini Rice balls – Though sounded pretty fancy, they couldn’t deliver on taste. These were deep fired balls of cheesy risotto served with salsa and cherry tomato dip. I think they could up the cheese content a lot more.IMG_9701

~ Spicy Lamb Costini – Nomm..Crunch..Nom..Nomm..that is the sound of me munching on this crunchy meaty preparation. Eat it while it’s hot else it loses its charm. Good spiced meat, buttered crispy bread and feta cheese topping..whats not to like!


~ Veg Nachos – A bowful of chips with vegetable topping (was slightly on the lower side) with bowls of sour cream and Mexican salsa dip. It’s a good bar nibble to go with drinks I think.IMG_9702

~ Corny Jack – Deep fried corn and jack cheese balls served with fries and roast pepper salas. Fried cheese..always good!!


~ Kebab Mein Haddi – This was really and interesting preparation with minced chicken kebabs wrapped around a chicken bone – neat trick! It was served with mint chutney and yellow chilli dip. Sadly they didn’t deliver in terms of flavor for me as the chicken seemed to be lost on the bone, I could have certainly gone for more.IMG_9695

~ Persian Jujeh Kebab – This Persian preparation was served in a platter with chicken tikkas and pita bread. The chicken was well cooked and flavoured with Persian spices & saffron served with hummas but personally I felt the kebabs to be more on the Indian side of flavours than Persian.IMG_9705

~ Rib Tickler – A bit of a let down as the meat was chewy. They were served with a BBQ glaze.IMG_9706

~ Dio Mio Pizza – This thin crust pizza was served loaded with pepperoni, chorizo, bacon, olives, capers, jalapenos and more. Truly a non-vegetarians delight!


~ The Groghead Slam Dunk Burger – This is a huge burger so it would be wise to order when you’ve got someone to share. Served with a basket of fries it had a chunky chicken cutlet with metled cheese on top and veggie layers. However it failed to impress me much and I found the patty somewhat dry and lacking in flavor.


~ Rum & Cola Lamb Shank – A Great preparation of lamb, this was cooked to perfection and had a beautiful rum and cola jus. The lamb was juicy and tender.IMG_9720

~ Gin & Tonic Chicken – This dish came with a whole chicken leg plated garlic polenta, grilled veggies and tomato sauce. The chicken was marinated in gin and tonic though the flavours weren’t coming through enough.


~ Aubergines Farcie – This again was some innovative cooking and presentation and I would describe it as an aubergine lasagna where layers of crispy aubergine served as lasagna to hold up cheese, tomato sala and veggies between them.IMG_9718

~ Spicy Cajun Jambalaya – The rice was abit thick but had a nice spicy coating with chiunks of chicken, bacon and bell peppers.IMG_9719

~ Medley of Honour – A genuine medley of cottage cheese, vegetables, pesto sauce and chilli garlic toast stacked on a bed of polenta. Beautiful presentation and a great dish for the vegetarians to try out.


~ The Sign of Four – A medley of cheddar, mozzarella, jack and ricotta served in queneels on top of tomato Malakoff sauce with saffron rice. They have some really innovative vegetarian option on the menu so make sure to give them a try.


~ Mojito on a Plate – With the contrast of a white dessert on a black slab, this beautifully plated dish had hints of rum and lemon in every bite.IMG_9728

~ O!O!O! Orgasm on Order – Peanut butter fondant served with a scoop of ice cream was quite a crowd pleaser. However its wasn’t foodgasmic for me and the chocolate center wasn’t molten 😦



Go for:

Date night on the rooftop. Great selection of drinks. Ample seating. Appetizers galore.


Tips & Tricks:

Try the window seating next to the bar – great way to catch in the sights. Go crazy on the munchies – they have great starters. Go with an office or college gang for best experiencing the place. Jiggy to the beats of the DJ at the hughe dance space at the end of the restaurant. Catch a beautiful sunset on the rooftop.


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