Cafe Red Garden Restaurant, Supermart II, Gurgaon


Located in Supermart II, Gurgaon, Café Red Garden Kitchen is set in a great location with ample space. Be it wanting to be close to nature, under the shade or in an air-conditioned area, the café allows for you to be free in whatever setting suits you best. What with the great weather Gurgaon has been experiencing and the retreating winter, a Saturday lunch on the wooden benches under large sun umbrellas seemed hard to miss.

Get Set Gobble:

~ Mocktails – They have a beautiful selection of fresh, tangy, fruity mocktails and I was spoilt for choice. I gave their Black Lemonade Fizz, Orange Mint Mojito, Sparkling Ginger and Lime Cooler, Mint Basil Cooler, Blue Mediterranean and Watermelon Masasaya. The recurring theme seemed to be the freshness of ingredients that resonated not only in their drinks but across the rest of their menu as well.

~ Shakes – I tried their Oreo shake (never disappoints to add some Oreo in a shake) and the Chocolate Brownie shake (how can you ever go wrong with this). I would say the latter was my personal favourite and huge dollop of whipped cream certainly helped me slurp it up in a jiffy. The Berry blast was so fresh and fruity.


~ Minestrone Veg & Greek Lemon Chicken Soup – A bowlful of health! Loaded with pasta and veggies I thoroughly enjoyed a vegetarian soup for a change. The chicken soup broth was to just die for with cumin spice singing through. Excellent balance to spice and infused with some tangy lime. The chicken though was a bit undercooked. The bread was so beautifully buttered and toasted to crunchy perfection. I dipped and slurped away.

~ Tortellini Veg Salad – What a presentation..the taste was equally good. Nothing short of international plating I have grown up seeing on shows across TLC! Little toothpicks held together a single tortellini with a slice of onion, tomato, capsicum and cottage cheese– what a great trick for a bite of everything on the plate in a single mouthful. The salad was presented on a bed of lettuce garnished with black olives, sprouts and grapes with a light drizzle of dressing.IMG_8807

~ Watermelon chicken salad – This beautiful preparation of chicken and watermelon on a bed of green and purple lettuce is a prefect eat for a light summer day. Well-seasoned, topped with sprouts, scattered cheese and a light dressing, it was so refreshing and healthy!IMG_8841

~ Lavash Bruschetta – A different preparation of bruschetta where the toppings were placed on a crunchy wafer instead of the usual toasted bread. Interesting to eat this but I found it to be a bit spicy for my palette.IMG_8846

~ Lemon Irani Chicken – Pleasing chicken preparation with a good spice rub. The healthy theme followed throughout their dishes as some green salad leaves and sprouts found their way on this plate of food.


~ Indonesian kaffir fish patty – Fried fish cakes served to be eaten with huge dollops of the dip, infused with the flavor of kaffir lime. It was lip smacking good!


~ Lamb Aussie Burger – Giant burgers served with crinkly potato wedges were goodness in every bite. The buns were toasted and held together a mountain of goodness between them from a chunky minced mutton patty, lettuce, tomato slices, melted cheese and caramelized onions. The mutton patty was a bit dry though.IMG_8851

~ Chicken pita pocket – The pockets were beautifully grilled and housed chicken, onions, red, green and yellow peppers tossed in light spices. Again I can’t reiterate how healthy the meal was with the use of fresh ingredients, keeping the dressings light and letting the each ingredient shine with its own flavor.IMG_8855

~ Vegetarian Lasagna Italiano – This preparation not only looked delectable but tasted like a wonderfully yummy. With layers of sautéed vegetables, tomato puree and melted cheese between sheets of lasagna topped with black olives and served with toasted bread, this was a satisfying meal.IMG_8856

~ Chicken Stroganoff with Basil rice – A mountain of rice surrounded by thick chicken gravy topped with generous drizzle of cream made for an enticing dish.IMG_8857

~ Woodfired Tandoori Mint Pizza – With the woodfire oven located in the garden area it was a beautiful site to see fresh ingredients being heaped on some thin crust pizza base and popped into this huge oven to be baked to perfection. The result was a crispy pizza with a slight smoky flavor.

Go for:

Chill vibes. Relaxed scene. Catching some sun. Beautifully designed garden to make you feel like you are dining at a little Greek café. Selection of refreshing mocktails. Great spot to grab a book under the comforting shade of the trees on some fresh green grass. Excellent spot for some light bites, be it soups or salads. Spend quality time with family and friends through a gaming session – they have a couple of options for you. Great place to carry your work along.

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