Warehouse Café, Sector 29, Gurgaon

IMG_8451Sector 29 is coming up to be the biggest food hub of Gurgaon so it’s no surprise that Warehouse Café choose this location to open their super hip and snazzy café here. I was quite thrilled to get a chance to browse through their huge menu selection for Saturday lunch. This proved to be a golden opportunity for me cause not only did I munch on deliciously prepared food but also got the chance to interact with fellow foodies in a relaxed upbeat setting!

The venue was spacious with cool wooden tables for relaxed seating to couches to get comfy. The lighting is dim so it puts you at ease and you can have private conversations, enjoy a group meal or get jiggy on the dance floor as per your choice.


Get Set Gobble:

We had a beautifully planned meal and were spoilt for choice in every step of the way. There was only so much I could get around to trying and well these were the dishes that caught my eye (or shall I say my taste buds ;-P)

~ Salad bar – For a moment I could not believe that a salad bar could look this beautiful. Arranged in long stemmed martini glasses there was Caesar’s salad, pasta salad and raw papaya salad served with an array of dips. If you are a health freak you would certainly enjoy this.

~ Indian Tikkas – Talking about the tikkas, we ate lahsooni murgh tikka, mutton shammi kebab and  dahi ke kebab. The shammi deserves a special mention because I loved this minced meat preparation and the spice combinations did wonders for me! It wasn’t at all oily which made me go back for more.

~ Asian starters – We were fed tender drums of heaven that were the right combination of spicy, crunchy, crispy and flavourful and the cooked to perfection. I could experience a little piece of heaven in every bite. Also we ate ginger garlic chicken which was a stir fried preparation. Must mention that all chicken preparations boasted of well cooked preparations each time that highlighted their freshness to me.


~ Vada pav – Authentic looking vada pav was served with buns standing in pride as they held deep fried vadas between them served along with fried green chilli and green chutney. It’s one of the well tasting vadas I have had the chance to eat at a restaurant though I would love it if they could add a kick of spice to the filling.IMG_8197

~ Keema pav – What stole the show for me was the keema. I couldn’t keep myself away from it and ate about a bowlful 😛 Prepared with the right amount of spices, this chunky preparation looked like heaven as it was served with some melted butter toppping, sliced onions and buttered pavs. A definite must order again and again kind of dish! Also did you know, the buns were served with omelets sandwiched between them..crazy good right?!


~ Dimsums – The momos were served in the bamboo baskets in which they were steamed along with 2 dips. The flour coating was thin and they were cooked to perfection.


~ White & red sauce pasta – I am a big pasta fan and it is no wonder that I found my way to the pasta bowl and gobbled up spoonsfuls. Prepared with chunks of chicken the white sauce had a good balance of sauce and the pasta was al dente (having devoured several pastas myself I am very well aware that this is a hard target to achieve). Served with crunchy toasted garlic bread it was a sumptuous dish.

~ Grilled fish – Melt in your mouth! Literally the fish was so fresh, soft and flaky, it just melted in each bite. Served with mashed potato and an array of grilled vegetables it is the perfect meal for when we choose to be a bit more diet conscious. Super healthy eat!


~ Curries & breads – Decadent gravies formed the main course with methi matar malai, rogan josh, murgh seekh kebab masala. They all resonated hearty north Indian cooking and would satisfy taste buds of the fussiest eaters. Served with assorted breads like lachha parantha and pudina parantha, the table beckoned our tummies for this lip smacking meal.

~ Vegetable biryani – Frankly I am mutton biryani lover and not a big fan of vegetables but this preparation had me fooled for a minute. The dish looked delicious served in mitti handis, in which they were cooked, that opened to reveal long grained steaming fragrant rice topped with crispy fried onions along with raita. It certainly made me want to dive in for a bite or two and it was yumm!


~ Drinks selection –The virgin mojito was bit on the sweeter side but the alcohol one seemed to have a good balance. Their chocolate martini was tempting to try though it lacked a bit of the alcohol’s kick. Their sangrias were good and I stuck to binge drinking on the same for most of the time though I sipped through many drinks other foodies were enjoying like the whiskey sour, chilli flamenco, caprioska, cosmopolitan and more! Many even got around to the bar and were creating cocktails that suited their palate in these huge glass tubes with thick straws. The bartender was accommodating to suit everyone’s needs. They certainly seemed to get the party going!

Go back for:

Don’t miss the gorgeously huge Superman meet transforms sign to the left as you enter – great photo op..don’t you think?! DJ’s music will sway you off your seats and onto the dance floor. Well stocked bar though they can certainly up their mixology game a bit more. The keema…oh that sinfully delectable keema! Good portions. Chicken dishes are a strong suit..and its not easy to find restaurants that don’t serve you chewy chicken..thank you for that! Even though we were a large crowd the service was efficient and we were kept constantly fed J Loved how the chef took care to plate each dish and ensured it reached our tables looking like masterpieces each time.

Tips & Tricks:

The place is buzzing even during weekend lunch hours. They have opened the seating section downstairs and it is already buzzing. I’m sure this place would attract huge crowds as it opens up their ground section seating soon. Definitely worth more visits with my friends!

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