Wangchuck’s Ladakhi Kitchen, Golf Course Road, Gurgaon

IMG_7963Located on the second floor in the Jalsa building at Golf Course Road, I have never had the heart to stop here (Gurgaon goers would probably know that this area boasts to some crazy crowd) until a group of friends got me here by chance. And was I grateful to them!
As I stepped in I was welcomed into a beautiful semi open aired restaurant with wooden tables and benches. With a direct view of the night sky above you, strings of colourful fabric with the famous ‘om mani padme hum‘ chants made you feel like you were right at a cafe in the hills.
They offer authentic Tibetan fare in a relaxing atmosphere. The menu selection was a dimsum lovers paradise and we felt spoilt for choice.

Get Set Grub:

~ Chicken steamed momos – Personally I felt it was the best item on the menu. Moist succulent chicken filling. Momos cooked to perfection. Soft thin dough covering.IMG_7976
~ Oroma mutton – Interesting preparation with a keema like filling which was slightly on the sweet side.IMG_7977
~ Sumai pork – Slightly disappointing as they were more dough wrappings with little or no filling inside. Frankly I couldn’t say if the filling inside was pork or not. You could probably give this a miss.IMG_7978
~ Fried chicken momos – Super oily super crispy momos loaded with succulent chicken filling.IMG_7991
~ Ladakhi pork – Again the pork was a let down. Maybe I will try this preparation with chicken the next time.IMG_7981

Hit and miss:

Their chicken preparations seem to be their strong suit. Avoid the pork. Good food and portions. Their chilli sauce is the real deal! Cool corner spots for a group to hang privately. Slow service. Women watch out – dirty loos.

Go back for:

Laid back attitude. Chill vibes. Great music. Hilltop cafe feel.

Tips & Tricks:

Remember to bring your own booze from the shops downstairs before you make the two floor climb. Hit the place on a cool summer/warm winter night to appreciate the setting.

Wangchuk's Ladakhi Kitchen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato


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